Thursday, 22 November 2012

Double Days & Master Precise Review

 I am sooo sorry about not posting last night! I was too caught in that math homework... again. Tomorrow I won't be able to post anything, but prepare yourselves for a huuuuuge post on Saturday (slight chance that it might be Sunday) on the current Fall trends.

Yesterday's outfit was the same denim cardigan featured in my very first outfit post, a white tank top, a pair of aztec/ tribal leggings (one of the current trends), and a red scarf knit by moi. This outfit received an immense amount of compliments, so I will definitely be wearing ensembles that are like this one.

Today I decided to go baggy and wool. I wore a simple pair of black leggings, an off the shoulder top courtesy of my Korean friend who bought it for my 13th birthday, the same red scarf as yesterday, and a pair of wool socks (not shown). I felt so comfy in this outfit and love how the scarf and shirt went well together. But I think it's about time for some new black leggings because these ones have a few too many rips that are growing.

Review time! This is the Master Precise Eye Liner by Maybelline. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a new liquid eye liner to try, and Rachel had recommended this one. It was fairly cheap (around $10) and seemed like a great pen to use for a winged/cats eye look. I went home after and tried it out right away. What a great liner to have in your collection! It is extremely easyto use because it is a pen, so you have a lot of control over it. Master Precise is the right name for this product- it creates sharp and straight lines and is worth buying. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to try a more bold eye liner! 

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