Monday, 31 December 2012

First [Mini] Haul & New Years Resolutions!

Hey all! It's been a little while since I've written anything because of the time I took off to spend with my family for the holidays. But I'm back and ready to write!

So a few days ago I went with Rachel on the biggest shopping spree we've done so far. I was loaded with money thanks to my many generous relatives, and was ready to buy everything I have been wanting for so long. Now, I have posted a haul video which you can view here:

And here are photos of [most] of my purchases!

Forever 21

 (not pictured: Boots & Jewelry)

Shoppers Drug Mart


I  am very pleased with everything I bought :) 

Anyways, today is the last day of 2012! Can you believe that? I sure can't. As you get older, time goes by waaay too fast. 

I decided to put together some New Years resolutions that I can hopefully stick to for once. If any of you are wondering how to set some good goals for yourself, here are tips: 
  • Make them reasonable and realistic. If you want to lose weight for example, don't try to lose 15 pounds in your first month. You have to face reality and realize that maybe 5 pounds a month is as good as it'll get. 
  • Be patient! I have to tell myself this constantly. If you keep expecting something to happen over night, then you're eventually going to get tired of waiting and give up. Take it slow, it'll happen. 
  • Work for it. Just because you're wishing for something, doesn't mean you're going to wake up with it. If you want something, you'll have to go out of your way to get it and if you want it bad enough, nothing will stop you. 
With that said, here are my resolutions!
  • Keep working out at least 3 times a week
  • Study more (mostly for math)
  • Get at least 80% on all of my exams
  • Find a job (woopie)
  • Write at least 5 blog posts per week
  • Become a successful beauty blogger :) 
I would love to hear your resolutions! Hope you all have a safe and healthy 2013 filled with love and surprises!

xx Mandy

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to Style: Patterned Pants

One of the latest trends is patterned pants/ leggings. I will tell you the different patterns seen on the streets and how you can style them. Enjoy!

Definitely my favourite pattern! These pants give off a very girly/ vintage style. Floral pants tend to be set on a lighter background, so you can pair them with a darker or lighter shirt, it doesn't really matter. But if you really want your outfit to look great, opt for a solid colour shirt- matching a shirt with a completely different pattern or even with a floral pattern usually clashes. I love the look of tan coloured boots with these pants, it completes the vintage look!

Aztec/ Tribal
 I own a pair of aztec leggings and they are my favourite! As you can see, there are a lot of different shapes going on in the pattern. Just like the floral pants, you don't want to pair these with a shirt that has either the same or different pattern because they will clash. Plus, the whole point of wearing these babies is to make sure they stand out! My idea of the perfect outfit with these pants is a dark baggy jumper with toms.

Half of the pictures I see on my tumblr dashboard are of girls wearing these pants. I'm so mad everytime I go to a store and cannot find them, so it has become my goal to hunt down the perfect galaxy leggings! The design really gives off this magical/mystical vibe and are extremely hipster. You don't need to wear heavy accessories or anything fancy with these pants, just a simple shirt and some boots are all you need. Although, I do like the look of a large silver chain necklace...

Animal Print 
Here's what not to wear when wearing pants like these: a matching shirt. You don't want to go out look like a cheetah or a zebra, do you? Let me tell you, it isn't a trend now, and I don't see it becoming one any time soon. I love the look of some high heels with these pants, as pictured above. Instead of wearing a baggy jumper like the other patterned pants, I think the best option is to wear a neutral/solid fitted top, long sleeve or short. If you want to include another piece of animal print in the outfit, either wear earrings of a necklace of the same print.

So as you can tell, when wearing patterned pants, your best choices are to stick with simple boots/shoes and a solid top.

xx Mandy  

Thursday, 6 December 2012

In the Know: Colour Blocking

I'm sure many of you have heard the term Colour Blocking before, but do you actually know what it means? In this post, I will tell you all about what it is, how you can do it, and why it is trending.

What is Colour Blocking?
Colour Blocking is when you wear 2 or 3 pieces of clothing, one of which is brighter and bolder than the others. Most of the time, they are solid colours, but there are dresses and skirts that colour block on their own. 

How do I Colour Block?
A great tip to figure out how to colour block is to use the colour wheel. First, chose one colour. Then, locate the colour that is the direct opposite of it. The second colour is called the 'direct complimentary colour'. When used incorrectly, the colours clash, but when used correctly, the outfit can be pulled off. This isn't the easiest job in the world, but it is something you can get the hang of. Notice the skirt the model on the far left is wearing; the yellow and dark teal clash, but when paired with the pink cardigan, the outfit is complete.

A Huge Trend Everywhere
Colour blocking has been around for a while, but last year it was a huge trend on the runways. Celebrities also started to colour block while out on the red carpets, giving society a bigger taste of how it's done. This trend is most popular and often seen in the summer. The brighter piece of clothing is best worn in the warmer months because it stands out more, and as I mentioned in my last post, brighter colours reflect the light. The outfits shown above are examples of exaggerated colour blocking, which is usually seen on the runways. Here are some photos of celebrities who have been seen following this trend:
As you can see, their outfits are still bold and noticeable, but a little less abstract than the exaggerated pieces.

Hopefully one day you will try colour blocking, and if you do I would love to see some photos! I apologize about not writing a huge post, but I knew I owe you guys something after not posting for almost a week.

xx Mandy 


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Cash

If you're like me and you spend money the second you get it, no matter how much or how little you have, then you'd know that saving money is just one of those things that you can never do. Every year around Christmas, I try my hardest to save money, but most of the time I just give up and spend it on something I won't end up using or wearing. What I've decided to do this year, though, is make a list of all the things I can do to save my cash. I figured some of you would want to read them, so here ya go!

Keep the change
Literally- keep the change. Everytime you pay for something using a bill, you're handed back a bunch of coins. Instead of keeping those coins lying around in your purse or wallet or anywhere, keep them in a piggy bank. You may think that you won't get much out of it, but it really adds up in the end. I started keeping my change about a week and a half ago and I'm already at $16. Once they're in the piggy bank, you aren't very tempted to take them out and spend them.

Reward Jar
I have heard of a lot of people who put a dollar in a jar everytime they lose a pound so they can save up for a sort of reward once they reach a certain weight. You can do the exact same thing, even if you aren't losing weight! For instance, everytime you do a chore, put 50 cents into a jar, or everytime you get an A on a test, put a dollar in. Just like the piggy bank, your change will add up in the end. This is also a good way to motivate yourself to do a lot better in things!

Girls Night In
Instead of going out for dinner with your friends and spending a load of money, take it inside! Grab some movies, make some snacks, paint each others nails. This way you can still have fun and not spend a fortune.

Make Your Own Meals
We all have those moments where you're in such a rush that you don't have enough time to make yourself something to eat, so you always end up in the drive thru ordering a burger and some fries. If you know you'll be short in time, prepare ahead. The night before a busy day, make all of your food you'll be eating and store it in the fridge. This way, you can just grab 'n go. It's also a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Set Goals
When you have a goal that you are determined to accomplish, it's much easier for you to save up for it. Put post- it notes wherever you usually keep money to remind you not to spend it if you're looking to buy something pricey.

Limit yourself to a certain amount of money you want to spend every week. Say you only get $20 a week; only spend $10 of that and put away the other $10 for savings. Also, don't bring all of your money with you when you go out somewhere. If you have a load of money in your wallet, you're much more tempted to spend it.

These little babies are amazing to have around. Before buying something, always check to see if there is a coupon you can use to save a couple bucks. If you've ever watched TLC's Extreme Couponers, you'd know that having enough can really help you keep your money in your wallet.  

I hope these tips help you in saving money!

xx Mandy