Friday, 17 May 2013

Fashion Friday: How To Be Fashionably Comfortable!

This post is for those who want to look nice, but don't want to put much effort into their look and want to be comfy cozy. I personally have those days on Fridays and Mondays, and these are the things that I do to still look my best while wearing the comfiest clothes ever!

First of all, let me just say that the whole Uggs, shorts, and sweater look is not going to be included in this post.....just no. Please don't go there. Or just at least save it for when you don't leave the house.

1. Tight on the top, loose on the bottom 
I'm talking about a fitted t-shirt or tank top and your favourite pair of sweatpants. These go so well together, and if you pair them with moccasins, Birkenstocks, or Uggs, then your outfit is complete! My personal favourite sweatpants are definitely the ones at comfy and warm!

2. Loose on the top, tight on the bottom
So this may be a fashion faux-pas for some people, but I still believe it looks cute...Wearing a baggy sweater/shirt with leggings and some boat shoes are my absolute favourite things to wear on a lazy day! Try looking for an old sweater that looks sort of vintage (or maybe even a school sweater), or a loose button-up denim shirt for your top, and a simple pair of black leggings under! And if you really want to be comfortable, wear a sports bra underneath! And in the summer time, swap the leggings for yoga shorts and the sweater for a loose tank top with a bandeau/sports bra underneath. Flip flips, Birkenstocks, or boat shoes would be totally fine for this outfit!

If you don't feel like putting on a whole glob of makeup (trust me, we all have those days, inluding me), then here are some tips that i follow:
1. Only apply concealer
This way, you'll still be able to cover up your dark circles, and you save time by not applying your foundation. I do this a lot in the summer when I'm out in the sun all day and don't feel like wearing a thick mask of foundation on my face.

2. One eyeshadow only
Don't spend so much time trying to create the perfect smokey eye look! On my lazy days, I like to just apply a tope/white eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes to highlight them. I thenk apply some eyeliner on my water lines and some mascara to lengthen my lashes, and I am finished!

3. Nude lipstick
If you aren't going to get all dressed up, don't make your face dressed up. Your goal is to keep it simple everywhere, so bright or colourful lips are out of the question. I like to stick to light pink/ nude lipsticks if I choose to wear some at all. This way, your lips will make your face look very subtle and relaxed.

We all have those days where we just throw our hair into the trendy messy bun. All I can say is: go for it! But please, there is such thing as putting it too high up on your head. As long as it isn't right on top or is closer to your forehead than the back of your head, it will look fine! If the bun isn't your thing, try a side braid or ponytail. These classic do's will always look great!

Just a side note, I'm not saying that if you don't follow these rules then you won't look good....these are just my own personal opinions, and you are all free to wear whatever you'd like:)

xx Mandy

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Freshen Up With Avon!

It's Avon Wednesday! Today's products are some great ones, and I'm sure you all will love them just like I do!

Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Cooling Toner ($7.99) & Invigorating Scrub ($7.99)
*available June 2013
So long story short, I've never had the best skin, nor have I ever been able to find a face wash that doesn't make me breakout at some point.....Until now. The minute I applied these products to my face, I automatically liked them because of their cooling effect they have on your skin. It makes your skin feel fresh and alive! The invigorating scrub provides a deep clean and leaves skin feeling revitalized, while the cooling toner controls oil and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. The day after I first used them, I could tell my pores were a lot smaller. They haven't shrunk a whole lot more since then, but they definitely haven't gotten bigger, which is okay with me! I don't think my skin has ever been softer, smoother, or more clear and hydrated before! Once these two come out, I highly suggest you all buy them! The best way to see great results is to clean your face with the scrub and apply the toner after you have washed the scrub off.

Advance Techniques Moisture IQ (Shampoo-$7.99, Conditioner-$7.99, Treatment-$12.99)
*available June 2013
Avon somehow knows when to send me the perfect stuff. The day before I received the package, I had ran out of shampoo and conditioner. When I opened the box and saw not only shampoo and condition but also some hair treatment, I did a little happy dance. What I love about these products is that they keep my hair moisturized for sooooo long! Funny story, amazing actually, I went three days without washing my hair last week and it didn't look gross at all. That's rare for my thin and fine hair that becomes a grease ball the second I run my fingers through it. The shampoo improves the look and feel of hair (I've gotten a lot of people complimenting me on how soft and shiny my hair is) and leaves your scalp feeling moisturized. The conditioner leaves your hair feeling silky and looking shiny. Finally, the treatment helps your hair maintain a straight look until the next shampoo. These hair care products are definitely a repurchase for me! Oh, and did I mention they smell AMAZING?!

Big Colour Eye Pencil Shades ($9.99 each)
(Left to Right): Aquamarine, Lavender Mist, Smokey Sage, Perfect Peach)

These eye pencils are perfect if you want to add some sparkle and colour to your eyes! They are so pigmented and creamy that I can't get enough of them and wish I had more! I love how they last all day, and if I want to switch it up, I can use them as a liner instead. I really wish they were self-sharpening though, just to make things easier when they start to get dull. My favourite shade is in Aquamarine!

Color Precise Lipstick ($9.99 each)
(Shades from Left to Right: Really Red, Definite Peach, Infallible Mauve, Fuschia Finish)
Okay, so remember last week when I did my April Favourites post? And there was this lipstick that I wouldn't write much about because I'd be mentioning it in my next Avon post? Well, here it issss! I saved this product for last because it is my favourite out of the bunch! These lipsticks have an innovative design for precise application and prevents feathering. They also moisturize your lips! I love how pigmented the colours are, and I love to smell them....That isn't weird, is it? Naaaah. My favourite shade is in Fuschia! 

(Left to Right): Really Red, Definite Peach, Infallible Mauve, Fuschia Finish)

Hopefully you guys aren't getting sick of Avon...but I doubt it, all of their products are amazing!

xx Mandy

Friday, 10 May 2013

Fashion Friday: Floral Prints!

I don't know how many times I've written about my love for floral prints...Too many to count.

Now that it's spring and the weather here has finally warmed up, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to talk about one of the biggest trends this season, and by now you should already know what it is. But if you don't, I'm talking about floral prints.

Now ya know.

When you see floral designs, the first thing you probably think of is the spring time. The flowers from the design just make you feel happy when you remember the warm weather, the feeling of the sun on your skin, no more jackets! I find that if you incorporate a floral piece into your outfit, it automatically makes your clothes look playful and full of life!

The perfect floral piece for this season (in my opinion) would hands down be a floral dress or romper! They are just so cute, and I think boat shoes, Keds, Toms, or Bobs would be the perfect shoe to go with your outfit!

Image from:

xx Mandy

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April 2013 Favourites

Hey guys! Sorry I'm a day late with this post, but better late than never right? We've reached the end of another month, which means it's time for a Favourites post! I have a bunch of things that I'd like to share with you so let's get started!

Super duper cute polka-dot boots from Target
I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret....I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of rain boots. I can be so stubborn when it comes to how my boots look, that I usually end up not buying any and coming home with soaking wet feet. But one day I was in Target and came across these amaaaazing polka-dotted boots and I knew I had to have them! They're super water proof and are great to have at this time of the year because of all the rain that spring brings. I forget how much they were but I do remember they were affordable!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in Edgy Emerald
I'd like to apologize about the lack of colour that is showing up right now...I'm still trying to find a good spot in my house for taking pictures. But anyways, this cream eyeshadow is a must have for the season because of it's vibrant emerald colour! I am obsessed with pastel colours right now and I love to use this shadow as a liner some days when I feel like being colourful. It adds a burst of colour to your eyes and can make such a playful look! Definitely check these shadows out!

Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Watermelon Twist
Alright, get ready for some lip products. I absolutely love pink, peach, and coral lipsticks for the spring time and this gloss balm has now become a Holy Grail product for me. I always see this shade (Watermelon Twist) advertised in Seventeen magazine (my favourite), and I saw missglamorazzi wearing it one of her videos and I just had to have it! It is probably my favourite pink lipstick at the moment, and since it's a balm it never dries out my lips! I highly recommend you guys check it out!

Mark Glossworks Lip Gloss in Tempest
....aaaand here's another one of my favourite pink lip glosses! I did a review on these lip glosses, which you can view HERE, so I won't go in too much about this product. But what I will say is that it is the hottest pink lip gloss that I own and is so glossy! My favourite thing about it is that it isn't sticky at all!

L'oréal Paris Lipstick in British Red
So the next two lipsticks are red lipsticks, which I typically wear in the autumn and winter time. Though I don't wear these products as much as the others, I still wanted to tell you all about how amazing they are! This first one in my opinion is the perfect red lipstick for me. It goes really well with my skin tone (fair-medium) and isn't too shimmery, which is what I like! Also, I find that the L'oréal lipsticks smell really good...

Avon Colour Precise Lipstick in Really Red
...and this next one...well, actually...I don't think I should write much about'll have to wait until my next Avon Reviews post to know about it ;)  

Bath & Body Works Perfume in Paris Amour
Finally, this last favourite product of mine is this fantabulous spray from the one and only Bath & Body Works! According to the website description, this fragrance mist is "a dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne, inspired by a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris". How does that not sound good?!?! 

This brings us to the end of another Favourites post! Before you know it, it will be the end of May and I'll be writing up another one!

xx Mandy